The Artificial Insemination Center
      The Artificial Insemination Centre has been involved in setting up DEFRA approved Stallion Quarantine and Semen Collection Centre's throughout the UK. Offering stallion owners a complete semen collection, evaluation and freezing service.

      Collection and storing of semen for use within the UK is primarily as an insurance policy, should the stallion be injured, or if the stallion is competing it allows him to fulfill his stud duties whilst concentrating on a competitive career. If a stallion owner prefers, The AI Centre can visit their premises to collect and process the semen for use within the UK.

      The quarantining of stallions for the collection of semen for export involves testing for various diseases, as laid down by the Ministry of Agriculture in the UK. After the tests have been carried out the semen is collected, frozen and stored prior to shipping.

      Exporting semen from the UK to countries worldwide is a way of spreading the genetic base and introducing new bloodlines into countries without the expense of transporting the stallion. A good example of this is the sending of chilled semen from Randy Hiscock's Suffolk Punch stallion Capps Star, located at Donhead St. Mary, to a mare in North Carolina USA in May 1994. This mating produced a filly foal April 1995 and in the process introduced a fresh bloodline into America.

      Furthermore, with our contacts overseas, we are able to arrange for semen to be imported to the UK from Europe and America, handling import licences and holding semen on behalf of clients.