Breeding Solutions Improving Conception Rates.



Every year in the UK in the region of 150,000 dairy cows are slaughtered costing over 2 million pounds in lost revenue. This is due, in part, to poor first time conception rates with only 40% of cows becoming pregnant.  Some of these animals are the most valuable in the herd with pedigrees that have taken generations of selective breeding to acquire. The failure to get these cows in calf can cost more than £250 a cow, plus the loss of bloodlines that could be impossible to re-establish.


With this in mind OneShot is an innovative breeding solution which has been developed to help improve this situation. It is a uterine wash that can be administered by any AI technician before service and assists in cleansing the female’s reproductive tract. Herdsmen who have used OneShot on their cows have found that conceptions have risen to a point where they are achieving rates in excess of 70%. One Independent Inseminator has achieved a 65% success with problem cows (i.e cows bred more than 3 times without success). 

OneShot is a natural solution that can be used on organic herds. 

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