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STOP PRESS All Horses treated from 2011 to 2016 had female progeny!


With the advance of pressures on farming to develop and utilise better management plus innovative techniques to improve the yield and performance of their animals led Breeding Solutions to examine the area of progeny development and also the challenges that have developed of making certain that pregnancy is achieved with minimum assistance.

For the last 15 years mares were treated with OneShot products to assist conception by irrigating their uterus, and it was found that it assisted the act of becoming pregnant.

In order to expand the range of products and provide all breeders with field-tested expertise and techniques, we have developed a complete range of solutions for many other species.

Animals treated include cows, mares, goats, and various breeds of dogs and in most cases pregnancy was achieved with no problems
and resulted in 80% of the offspring being female. 

The products can be used on organic rated animals. (Organic Farmers and Growers Approved). If the female is treated, the waiting period is 60 minutes and then service can occur. This means that the female can become pregnant on the first cycle. 

Research work is being carried out on whether the treatment can be developed to favour male offspring and to date the various trials have been successful with 81%

Of Males being born and conception rates were greatly improved.


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