The Artificial Insemination Centre
The Way Forward
 I haven't the heart to tell her he's only available for artificial insemination!

Have you considered using artificial insemination (AI) in your breeding program?

       For serious breeders, who are thinking ahead and looking to improve the stock they produce, AI is the obvious answer. The technique of AI and transport of chilled semen allows owners to get round problems which might otherwise prevent their mares or bitches from being used for breeding.

      People are often deterred from using AI because of the costs involved. However, the pros generally outweigh the cons; for instance, animals that are unable to travel, or animals that have suffered an injury that prevents them from supporting a natural mating can all benefit from AI. More importantly the use of AI can prevent the transmission of infection and lessen the risk of injury to both the males and females.

      With the use of chilled or frozen semen, the female can be covered at home or at the A I Centre with none of the stress, either for her or her owner, which is usually associated with transportation, strange surroundings and unfamiliar people.